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How To Uninstall Chromium From Windows 10

How To Uninstall Chromium

This report can help you that the way to re-install the chromium issue. In this informative article, our specialists discuss how to cover the worry once we can not uninstall chromium together with the control panel, also, to also appraise via Reddit view.

The way to uninstall chromium is an open resource we media browser utilized in addition to depended on by way of many Windows 10 professionals. Records have proven that individuals are unable to the way to automate chromium. The most popular strategy, which is in reality a sizable awake. Having Said This, some people are experiencing issues when it pertains to uninstalling Chromium

Table of Contents

How To Uninstall Chromium From Windows 10

What is Chromium and also is it a virus?

How to uninstall Chromium using the control panel

Signs that you have Chromium malware

Method 1: End the running Chromium procedures and also uninstall by hand

Method 2: Uninstall Chromium from the Control Panel

Method 3: Remove the Chromium user data folder

Method 4: Make use of a third-party uninstaller software to remove Chromium

Method 5: Reset your web browser setups to default

Method 6: Check your computer for malware

In this Guide, you can get the best solution of how to uninstall chromium from windows here is the facts below;

What is Chromium and is it a virus?

By default, how to uninstall chromium is an open refer browser that's completely for free. It is developed and also launched by Google, which makes it an exceptionally reliable application to put on your PC. The massive majority of its code was utilized since the source code to get among one of the very popular web browsers, Google Chrome.

How To Uninstall Chromium

This demonstrates that Chromium is not malware. Nonetheless, there are particular sorts of malware that are effective at camouflaging themselves as Chromium. Especially with the browser being open-source, any individual who has access to its code can alter it, after that re-upload the altered variant into the web. This makes downloading Chromium from particular resources extremely insecure.

If your pc has been infected with some sort of Chromium malware, you are most likely unable to uninstall Chromium due to its personalized code. While this isn't the 100% certain cause for the issue, we recommend that you follow among our strategies to eliminate the possibly contaminated Chromium from your gadget.

Select Chromium from the list of apps, and then click on the Uninstall button at the header of this listing.Next, go to your AppData folder and uninstall the Chromium folder.

Empty your Recycle Bin to make sure all Chromium files and folders have been fully removed.

Finally, restart your computer.

Signs that you've got Chromium malware

There are a few indications to keep a lookout for if you're unsure about your Chromium internet browser. We have put together a listing of potential indicators that signal your computer is infected with this malware. Should you acknowledge any of those problems, we suggest immediately following the subsequent section's guides to eliminate the malicious program from your gadget.

You installed a recognized Chromium-based malware web browser: There are numerous Chromium-based browsers recognized to distribute malware. Several of these include BoBrowser, eFast, Olcinium, Pelikan, and also Qword. These are just some internet browsers from the many.

Your computer has Chromium installed if you did not download it on your own: if you instantly see Chromium in your software list regardless of never have listed it, it's possible that a different wicked app installed it. This normally occurs with freeware programs, which often fill their installers packed with undesirable offers.

Your default internet browser has been altered to Chromium without your authorization: If you have seen that each internet link you click opens into Chromium, which suggests that your default network browser has been changed to it. If you did not do it yourself, this is a huge warning.

You find a sudden influx of advertisements, pop-ups, in addition to website redirects while surfing: Malware-infected web browsers show you a huge quantity of promotions, pop-ups, as well as website stinks. These generally inspire you to download and install programs, which the majority of the time also turn out to be malware.

Your default internet search engine was changed without your consent: By default, your search engine ought to be something such as Google or Bing. If it gets shifted to any kind of potentially shady-looking search website, you're probably trading using malware as a virus.

Whether you own a malware-infected copy of Chromium, the methods below have exactly what it requires to remove it from your project. This clears the security risk of Chromium also offers you a fresh background to re-install a protected Chromium application.

Method 1: Finish the running Chromium processes and uninstall by hand

How To Uninstall Chromium

There is an opportunity that you are just unable to the way to uninstall chromium since the method is still running previously. This happens with several other kinds as well, particularly if it's permitted to continue running in the history after you shut the program.

To fight this, all you need to do is simply end any sort of conducting Chromium processes by hand, then try uninstalling once again.

Right-click any space in your taskbar, then choose Task Manager from the context menu.

When the Task Manager is launched in compact mode, click on the"More Details" button at the lower-left.

About the"Processes" tab, locate and single-click on"Chromium."

Click on the"End task" button located at the lower-right of the window. After you see that Chromium has disappeared, you can attempt the uninstall through Settings → Apps.

Method 2: Uninstall Chromium from the Control Panel

How To Uninstall Chromium

Several Windows 10 people do not even realize that the classic Control Panel featured in iconic os such as Windows XP in addition to Windows 7 remains readily available now. You can not access it as quickly as before, mainly on account of the truth that the Setups app has really taken its place, yet it is still there. Also as it's still equally as valuable as ever before.

As opposed to using the uninstaller shortcut or going into the Settings app, attempt getting the most out of the Control Panel. You may be able to uninstall Chromium

Type in the term"controller " then click on the OK button or press Enter on your computer. This may bring up the classic Control Panel.

Make sure that your view style is set to either"Small icons" or"Big icons" to be sure you see all Control Panel items.

Click "Apps and Features" in the available menus.

Locate"Chromium" and click on on it after. Select"Uninstall" if accessible, then stick to the on-screen instructions to remove the software.

Method 3: Remove the Chromium user data folder

How To Uninstall Chromium

Sort"%appdata%" from the input area, then click on the OK button or press Enter on your computer.

Find the"Chromium" folder.

Right-click about the"Chromium" folder, and then choose"Delete" from the context menu.

Next, bring up the Run utility using the Windows + R keyboard shortcut once again, and type in" percentlocalappdatapercent ".

Find and delete the"Chromium" folder here as well. This should eliminate all of the contents of the user data folders in your device.

Method 4: Make use of a third-party uninstaller software to remove Chromium

How To Uninstall Chromium

There are a variety of third-party applications particularly make to discover and eliminate all traces of unwanted apps on your system. You can download and install such an application to attempt to eliminate Chromium too.

We are going to be mounting IObit Uninstaller 9 Free, offered for Windows 10. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of any other application you such as-- the procedure will certainly be similar. Adhere to the actions below.

We are going to be mounting IObit Uninstaller 9 Free, offered for Windows 10. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of any other application you such as-- the procedure will certainly be similar. Adhere to the actions below.

Click on the"Free download" button shown on the homepage, then pick the"Download now" alternative.

When your download procedure has completed, open the installer and install the software based on your requirements.

Utilize the built-in search to locate"Chromium."

Click on the program and use the"Uninstall" button to eliminate Chromium along with any lingering

Method 5: Reset on your web browser installations to default

How To Uninstall Chromium

It's possible that your default web page was changed, or you simply observe some things unusual with your web internet browser after installing Chromium. In this case, we propose resetting your web browser to its defaults. Keep in mind that this will surely remove any kind of changed setups if it was by you or an application.

Watch the steps below to reset your browser settings to their faults. We'll be utilizing Google Chrome to reveal, nevertheless, the procedure ought to be like all browsers.

Open your web browser. Again, we are using Google Chrome.

Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the browser.

Select "Settings."

Again, scroll towards the bottom until you see"Reset and clean up."

Click on"Restore preferences to their original defaults."

Click on the"Reset settings" button and then wait for Google Chrome to relaunch.

method 6: Assess your computer for malware

How To Uninstall Chromium

Lastly, a detailed virus check is your very best bet after fix how to uninstall chromium. Since the chance of an infection is fairly high, it is a great method to tidy anything up with Chromium.

Below is a brief overview of how best to use Malwarebytes for scanning and eliminating viruses as well as other types of malware from your tool. Nevertheless, you can make use of virtually any type of anti-virus app-- it is up to your choice.

Launch your antivirus application. Again, we are using Malwarebytes to demonstrate this procedure.

Click on the"Scan" option using the application's left-side menu.

Click the"Start Scan" button to begin a malware scan on your apparatus.

Wait for Malwarebytes to complete scanning your PC for malware. If any malicious files are found, you can immediately neutralize them by allow Malwarebytes to set them in quarantine.

Optionally, allow Malwarebytes to delete the malicious files on your PC.

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