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Top social media accounts related to the real estate industry

Social media marketing is now the most effective means of reaching out to niche audiences and converting them into your loyal customers.

Almost all the B2C companies and many of B2B ones are taking advantage of social media platforms to increase their sales, and real estate businesses are no exception.

The use of social media for finding appropriate accommodations is even increasing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. For example, Condoly claims that many customers are shifting towards using Instagram or Facebook to search for condo assignment deals in Canada.

This trend has caused many businesses to think of social media escrow services to acquire existing social media accounts that already have a huge following. So it’s important to recognize organic social media accounts in your industry to get real information.

That’s why we tried to put together a list of top social media accounts related to the real estate industry to help both real estate agents and customers. Of course, we considered three top social networks for this research: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Facebook is still the unrivaled social media platform in the world, with more than 2.5 billion monthly active users.

Here are some must-follow real estate pages on this networking site:


Zillow aims to change how people buy or rent new homes or sell their previous apartments. They want to empower people with the most recent statistics and services they need to find a place they love.

This Facebook page has 2,563,325 followers, and 2,450,543 people have liked it up until now. Zillow is one of the largest real estate pages on Facebook.

Dream Town Realty

This is a page owned by a Chicago-based real estate brokerage. They claim that their real estate search engine is the best one to you can find anywhere.

They provide you with comprehensive real estate listings in Chicago, supported by top agents ready to help you on your terms. They have gained 83,385 followers on Facebook, and 83,180 people like their page.

Movoto Real Estate

In 2005, Movoto Real Estate was founded on a simple principle: Selling and buying real estate is too complicated. Movoto’s purpose is to make buying and selling easy in the real estate industry. They have gained 63,161 followers, and 65,039 people like this page.


Instagram is also owned by Facebook and has recently been one of the fastest-growing networks. It has one billion monthly active users and is a great place for marketing.

Here are several top real estate accounts on Instagram:


This verified account is one of the most sought after real estate profiles on Instagram and maybe all over the social media. It has more than 2.5 million followers and is a collection of real houses that inspired @KateRumson to build her own home in New Jersey.

She is an interior designer and can greatly help you with home décor.


This is another verified account on Instagram owned by Chad Carroll. He is one of the top real estate brokers in South Florida and claims “Over 2 Billion Sold” and has gained more than 500,000 followers on Instagram.


Shawn Elliott runs another popular Instagram account related to the real estate industry. This account has more than 54,000 followers who can enjoy fantastic images and videos of luxury buildings and ads for open houses.

Apart from business, Shawn has included some fun posts of real life moments of him and his friends enjoying themselves.


Chelsea Peitz is the owner of an Instagram account focusing on real estate marketing. She has more than 24,000 followers with whom she shares useful real estate marketing tips to help them grow their business and make more money.


Katie Lance is a social media strategist and the founder of #GetSocialSmart, an academy for Real Estate marketing. She’s gained over 23,000 followers on Instagram and is sharing her social media tips and video tutorials for them. She has shared more than 5,000 posts and is a real estate marketing influencer


Twitter is another useful platform for real estate marketers and business owners to increase their brand awareness.

It’s good to become familiar with top real estate accounts on the platform on this platform:


Melanie Lazenby is a real Estate Agent at Douglas Elliman and claims to be the third Highest Grossing Agent at NYC's Largest Real Estate Firm. Emmy is also nominated host of Cozi TV's Foundations.

As a successful real estate agent, she not only post about her career, but she also shares her everyday life with around 10,000 followers on Twitter.


Sam is a popular and experienced real estate agent and a keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, blogger, and TV personality. She is working in South Florida is active on Twitter since May 2011.

She has more than 7,000 Followers on the platform and she is sharing posts about her properties, daily life, and inspirational quotes with them.


Raleigh Realty is a Twitter profile with more than 3,000 followers and is constantly sharing blogs and articles related to the real estate industry. Many real estate experts are engaged with their tweets because they’re so helpful.


There are many other useful platforms for real estate marketing. For example, you’d better search for check top real estate accounts on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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