SEO is essential for any business whether we talk about the travel portal or the fashion portal, but now because we are talking about eCommerce SEO, in that case, SEO is the main. Customers can reach your site, then only they can search for the product as per their need.

Visibility is the main for any business because if someone can contact you, then only they will be able to check the product and order the product. Ecommerce business depends on customer choice. We need to understand the customer’s opportunity for what the customer wants and then serve them.

SEO is of two types organic SEO and paid SEO. Organic SEO takes time, and the paid SEO will give you the result faster as compared to others. eTecnocraft is the company that will do the needful as per your need. In customer satisfaction only. That’s why we hire an expert team that will first understand your need and then does the needful for you.

We need to check the size of all pages; also, it should be not so long because if the page will take 5 sec more to open any page then it might be possible that the customer will go to the other website as well. Your website structure should be simple so that every age customer can understand it. The search bar should be on the first page. We know all the things and do them.

Ecommerce SEO is for the fashion side in which we will do the keyword ranking for you and the complete website optimization. We will provide fresh content for you and will post your website content on different social sites because we can catch the person in the social place only. It is for the new website and for those also whose locations are not getting any revenue.

technocrat is the best for all kinds of digital marketing services as we are here to grow your business and increase your business reach. Ecommerce SEO is for the fashion website where most customers went from different sites while searching for the new arrival, so we must provide them the product that they are looking for after checking from the back search of the customer.