Sell on Shopclues

How To Sell On Shopclues?

Shopclues is in operation since 2011. Today over 12000 retailers sell more than 2 million products on ShopClues. More than 42 million people buy from with a variety of products in electronics, house, fashion, clothing, Cars, toys, wellness, sports, jewelry, etc. It is fantastic due to its prevalence and hit across India. With ETechnocraft, begin your journey and boost your business to the highest. It is not hard to market your product on Be active, and ShopClues will set an arrangement for you. ShopClues set an Arrangement for the shop owners for the pickup of the sale.

Clients and Shop owners have access to the window. The payment released by ShopClues to the vendors is the last step of the process. Sellers have complete access to the online catalog. They can add, delete, and edit the list according to the seller’s needs.

Registration on

It is always good to upload your personal and company documents on the website. Also, maintain the records of your uploaded documents on your device. When you click on the registration link, the form with the following options opens:-

  1. E-mail identification
  2. Mobile number
  3. GSTIN Number
  4. Cancel Cheque
  5. Address Proof
  6. Pan Card
  7. Digital Signature With Company Stamp
  8. Trademark Certification
  9. Authorization Letter

Give a Special shop name Together with contact name, telephone, email, KYC record information, and bank information, and you take the support agreement (after studying it, ) along with the support fee Arrangement. Follow this procedure on your desktop computer or use the app. Next Launch the item upload and record procedure. As you will be a regular retailer you need business Records:

  • A copy of a bank statement in the event you’re operating a proprietorship company.
  • In the event of a documented company, one must give individuality
  • Evidence of every manager as well as their residential address also to PAN card
  • Details. An individual has to offer proof of office address as well as the business PAN card
  • Along with bank information and GST registration details.

Private limited companies will need to give a memorandum of

  • Association, certificate of incorporation, business PAN card, speech evidence and
  • Bank details.
  • Limited liability partnership firm needs to supply
  • Registration certificate, partnership deed, POA for a particular worker to
  • Transact business as well as the LLP PAN card as well as deal with proof, GST
  • Certification and bank details.

As soon as your registration is over, you can start your seller program. You should have at least two items to upload and market to produce your storefront live. Remember to mention the full product title together with the Model together with specifications. Use clear pictures and specific keywords for your description — select products one by one to upload, as it becomes easy to track.

Fees, Taxes, Payments To ShopClues

After the completion of the process, it is very important to understand taxes, fees, and payments. They have a defined selling service commission on every trade. A proportion of the value of merchandise with the class and taxation applies to these. That is over and above the item price and GST applicable.

Payment is created on a successful trade. ShopClues remits payments to their bank accounts every week.

Shopclues Seller Charges

A selling service charge and satisfaction service for every product offered. The sale fee of the item sold depends on the price-changing category and tax.

In the case of shop clues handling packages, they then bill satisfaction fees and tax on this type of payment.


ShopClues manage refunds and replacements, so retailers don’t need to stress. As you can see, there are also points to shop clues; but, there are also some advantages. In any instance, retailers will benefit if they enroll as sellers.

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