Our Guest Posting Process

Know all about the guest posting service procedure!

The concept of guest posting service offered by Guest Posting etechnocraft is very simple to understand. And, here are the 4 major steps that we follow –

Step 1:Depending upon the niche of your website or your online business, our guest posting experts carry out extensive research to identify the blogs where we can publish high-quality guest posts written by our in-house team of expert content writers.

Step 2:Our team of in-house writers produces highly informative posts tailored to the target blog, where the post is to be published.

Step 3:After developing high-quality content, our online marketers get in touch with the blog owners and request them to allow our articles to be published as guest posts.

Step 4: We fine-tune the content further, get the guest post published on the blog, and promote it on social media to create a buzz.

In the process, we create a backlink to our client’s website in the author resource box. This link is very powerful due to a number of reasons. The first one being, it is organically generated, the second reason being it coming from a domain that has high authority and the third reason being there are no other links from that particular page going anywhere else.

Features of Our Guest Posting Services

Every article is produced after extensive research on the topic and they are 500+ words in word count, accompanied by relevant images, and/or videos. All the blogs that we approach for getting our articles published, have minimum Google PageRank 1, so there are no chances of a link being generated from an ordinary source. We also include relevant media such as relevant images and videos in all the posts to make it all the more compelling.

We Choose the Blogs Very Carefully

All our articles are published on blogs and websites that are chosen on their high Domain Authority and Majestic SEO flow metrics. The best part of availing our guest posting Canada-based services is that this natural method of link building is completely in accordance with the Google Penguin algorithm. All the links generated through this methodology are given high value by search engines like Google, and you never need to be worried of a Penguin penalty ever!

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Outsource Guest Posting

Need to handle a big project? We can help; simply outsource to us!

It is important that the crucial link building strategy of guest posting should be carried out by experts. Guest Posting Canada has many years of experience in handling guest posting projects and has a long list of satisfied customers along with many SEO companies in Canada and independent webmasters.

Many SEO companies find it difficult to meet all guest posting requirements of their customers mainly due to lack of man power, time constraints or lack of expertise, and all of them can take advantage of our affordable guest blogging services.

Why Should You Outsource To Us?

First of all, we provide quality guest posting services at affordable rates.

And, as mentioned earlier, SEO companies often get overwhelmed by the guest posting requests they receive from their clients and many of the commit the fatal mistake of saying no to the projects that they can’t execute in-house.

There is no need to turn down your clients just because your hands are tied with other orders. We at Guest Posting Canada, offer professional guest posting service in Canada and SEO agencies can greatly benefit from, and increase their revenues by simply outsourcing their projects to us.

Our professional online marketers and content writers make sure that each of our projects, small or big, are taken care of, within a fixed time-frame, without compromising on quality of the content or links.

Top Mistakes SEO Companies and Webmasters Should Avoid

Many webmasters and SEO companies that have an in-house team of content writer often make the mistake of trying to handle the guest posting projects on their own. While it can be a great way of offering all services from one station but it should be attempted only with enough expertise and experience in hand. Guest posting is not just about writing a well researched compelling article… While it definitely is extremely important to develop intriguing content, it is equally important to find the best places to get it published.

Avail Bulk Discounts on Large Orders

All the SEO companies in Canada can contact us to avail affordable and professional guest postings services to give their online businesses and websites a big boost. We also offer bulk discounts to SEO resellers, allowing them to make money by simply reselling our packages.

When you outsource to us, you can simply count on us to get the job done!