Sell on Limeroad

How To Sell On Limeroad?

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Limeroad is one of the best Fashion online stores. Top brands, designers, and manufacturers related to the fashion industry want to be a part of Limeroad.

Limeroad follows the B2C marketplace version. It connects sellers with retail buyers with over 20000 registered vendors.
With Etechnocraft start your Limeroad journey and we will get you on top. We help our clients to flourish their businesses and to get on top of it.
For registration on Limeroad, certain formalities are necessary.

Documents Necessary for registration on Limeroad –

1. E-mail identification
2. Select the sex
3. GSTIN Number
4. Cancel Cheque
5. Bill
6. Pan Card
7. Trademark Certificate
8. Authorization Letter

Functions as a dash to help

After filling in the details, you will receive confirmation within a half-hour. We help our clients to prepare a storefront with a unique emblem, name, and banner. We upload various goods on behalf of our clients. You may upload as many as Seven images per item and in size variations of the products.

After uploading the images and content related to your merchandise, we have to wait for the order.

We promote clients’ Limeroad through social media and other means so that our clients receive Max orders.

The packaging and dispatch of our client’s merchandise are at the client’s expense. You’re able to display shipping Included in the buy price or charge more.

Once the vendor ships a commodity and the Purchaser obtains it,

Limeroad will launch payment thinking of a 15 times cycle. Limeroad provided its program for free to vendors but may impose a fee later on, but there are no hidden charges. But, the commission ranges from 25% To 30 percent on which one needs to pay service tax too. Bear this in mind when upgrading the goods.