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Know the Major Challenges Faced By Android App Developers !

A recent report published by Statista reveals that the Android OS dominates 71.93% of the mobile OS worldwide. There were 1.6bn Android users in 2019. As per the reports, Android version 10.0.10 was the most popular version till January 2021. People using smartphones have increased more with time due to reducing smartphone prices and this has helped Android become more powerful. Android OS and iOS are constantly compared with each other. However, Android has created a market monopoly due to its multiple device compatibility. The multiple device support has the most consequences for the Android developers. Every device has its unique set of features. Developing an application that can be compatible across multiple devices is a difficult task. Hire android application developers who are experienced and can help your app gain its position on the playstore.

Common challenges faced by Android Application Developers

As mentioned earlier, developing an application that will suit multiple devices is not an easy task. You need to have regressive testing to find the app limitations for different devices.

Software fragmentation

Delivering quality user experience is the major functionality for all mobile application developers.Android has multiple OS versions; total 17 till date. There are some devices that support the latest versions while many are stuck with the outdated ones. The developer faces a challenge to design an application that will provide an uniform experience across all the Android versions.

Hardware features

Android OS works across multiple devices. All these devices have a unique ecosystem that creates further issues for developers. Moreover, Google allows the developers to customize the OS according to their demands. Creating an application that suits thousands of devices and their refurbished models is not an easy task.Most Android app developers face issues where certain devices do not support the application development. Fragmentation is one main reason as to why many cross platform developers focus on iOS development before moving onto Android.

No uniform UI design rules by Google

Google doesn’t have any guidelines for the user interface designs. As android is open source, any company can modify the OS as per their requirement. Even Though it sounds like an advantage, Android applications developers need to figure out the UI design parameters for different brands. They fall short of OS information for device specific application development.

Incompatible APIs

APIs are used to simplify the development process. Building every function from scratch takes a toll on the time and resources invested in the development process. A third party API can help personalize the entire system as per your demands. However, the incompatibility between the API and the device can lead to major glitches in the applications. Tracking such issues and resolving them for a vast number of devices can be time consuming and difficult to achieve.


Android is an open source operating system. Due to these reasons, it is easily susceptible to attack from intruders. Android applications are found on the Google play store. The google play store doesn’t have restrictions or stringent rules like its counterpart-iOS. The chances of malware attack to redirect users to unprotected websites is possible with Android. Due to these reasons, a developer needs to take utmost precautions to protect the application from hackers.

Low in app purchases

Most people using Android rely on free applications. These free applications do not generate any income from the in-app purchases. Moreover, the app developers need to reach out and hire influencers and other online channels to promote the application. Revenue generation from Android apps is restricted to specific channels only.

Copyright issues

App development for android does not have strict guidelines for plagiarism. The moment you release an app on Android, people can recreate your hard work and make revenue. The iOS platform doesn’t allow Apple stores to host applications easily like Android. Developers need to protect their code and make sure that hackers do not intrude and recreate the app experience.

Language complexity

App development for android is done for Java or Kotlin platform. Java is easier than Kotlin but requires a lot of code writing. Java works well with cross platform app development too. Kotlin reduces the code lines but is more complex than Java. Choosing a language between these two can be a real challenge for developers. Hire android application developers who know the limitations of using both these languages.

Developing an Android application comes with its own set of limitations and challenges. However, Android has proven its dominance over the market for a long time. Building an application successfully for Android can help drive your business in the right direction. Bugs are a part of the journey. Build a strong technical team that will help you identify the issues and solve the problems with ease. Your customer support needs to entertain each query with patience. If you hire the right people, you can develop an application quickly and save a lot of money on other resources.

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